At Christ Presbyterian we are fundamentally a worshiping community. Our worship is a conversation, a dialogue, between God and us. We hear from Him as He calls us to worship, as we hear His Word read, explained, and applied, as we hear of His forgiveness, and as we are sent out with His blessing. We respond by singing, confessing our sins, listening to His Word, giving, receiving the sacraments, and by celebrating God’s blessing.




Worship has 1 object:

God, who alone is worthy of worship.



Worship has 2 contexts:

publicly with God’s people
privately in our own homes


Worship has 3 audiences:

God, the object of our worship,
us, His people,
and the watching world.




Small Groups

We were made for community, but we live in a world of increasing isolation. So many of the technologies that promise to bring us closer together only serve to make us feel lonely. God has given us a community—the church. Here at Christ Pres, one of the primary ways we experience that community is in small groups—gatherings of 10-15 people for fellowship, vulnerability, prayer, sharing strengths and weaknesses, study, fun, and friendship.


Men’s and Women’s Ministry

We believe that men and women are created in the image of God and are given gifts of the Spirit to be used to the glory of God and the building up of His precious Bride, the Church. Our ministries to the men and women of our church seek to make much of Jesus, to facilitate authentic community within our body, and equip people to use their gifts within the body and in the community. We offer Bible studies and opportunities to have fun together.


Youth Ministry

We are convicted that students are a living and vibrant part of the body of Christ. We want to make much of Jesus in our student ministry, which means we are committed to serious study of God’s word and what it has to teach us about our Savior. Christ bids us to find rest in him, so you will also see our student ministry spend time resting and having fun with one another. It is our goal and desire that when our students leave our church that they will seek out a church that believes and teaches that Jesus is everything and that his grace meets us in every part of our lives.


Children’s Ministry

Our children are a gift from God. As a church, it is our desire that our children be shaped and formed by the Gospel through the whole of their lives. In many ways this is no different than our desire for everyone in our church, at the same time, we want to be thoughtful about how we teach our children about their Savior. Thus we are committed to offering Christian education that focuses on giving our children a sense of the whole story of Scripture: God’s goodness in creation, our sinful rebellion, God’s gracious redemption in Christ, and God’s promise to make all things new.



Our philosophy of service, both to our members and to the community around us, is grounded in our belief in the importance of encouraging authentic community, intentional programming, and Gospel-centered vocation.


Ordinary people doing ordinary things with Gospel Intentionality…

- Tim Chester and Steve Timis