Our Philosophy

Our hope is that our men’s and women’s ministries will not be event driven, but rather connectivity driven. We want to encourage intergenerational relationships and shepherding through Bible studies and opportunities for socializing. Our men’s and women’s ministries should make much of Jesus and His work in and through His people.




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Our general approach to programs and events is that they be “bottom up,” that is, driven by the congregation and their gifts and burdens for particular service. Focusing solely on events can become an end in itself. We believe that this takes attention off our primary focus, Jesus Christ.

We do occasionally sponsor topical conferences that meet current needs such as marriage and family relationships or the church and same sex attraction. These are designed to encourage one another to recognize how the Gospel speaks to every area of our lives—from our vocations to our relationships, from our children to our money. Christianity is not simply something we do, think, or feel on Sunday morning, but the reality that defines the entirety of life.