Our Philosophy

In many ways, small groups are our “homes” within the church. They are a great way to experience God at work. We hope that these groups can be entry points into our church - ways for us to invite non-believers, opportunities for communication and shepherding, and ways to do mercy together. Small groups meet regularly for meals, fellowship, and discussion.



The reality that God left heaven and came to earth to live with us is staggering. The incarnation itself demands that we value community. From Acts 2:42 where “fellowship” seems to be its own category to all the “one another” passages, God is clear: He wants us to be in community with each other. We gather in small groups of around 10-15 people as a way of integrating community in our daily lives. Small groups should be a welcoming place to invite others to experience community and friendship.


Fostering community requires that we place a high value on meaningful relationships. This means genuinely moving towards one another in love, recognizing that we all bear the image of God. The Bible gives us a glimpse of a Father, Son, and Holy Spirit that live in perfect relationship, vulnerability, and intimacy with each other. We were created for this kind of relationship and we hope that our small groups give people the freedom to experience genuine relationships, to share the struggles and joys of life, and to enjoy each other.


Part of building meaningful relationships is learning how to love people well. We want our small groups to give people the space and opportunity to interact with people from different life stages and with different life experiences. Small groups are also one of the ways in which we provide meals and hospital visits to those suffering illness or infirmity. We are striving for an intentionally relational community shaped by the cross.


If you would like to join a small group, please contact JonPaul Watson